तात्पुरत्या एक दिवसाच्या कार्य परवान्यासाठी जागा नोंदणी

1.1. Checklist

Sl. No Criteria
1 Application form for the premise where the one-day function will be held.
2 Name & Address Proof of the Applicant
3 Photograph
4 Signature
5 Proof of the Applicant’s type – Whether Individual or Company or Partnership Firm or Trust
  • If Partnership/LLP Firm:
    • Registered partnership deed or L.L.P Documents is required
  • If Company Limited or Public:
    • Certificate of Registration of Company from Company Registrar
    • Form 32 of all Directors
    • Resolution of Board of Directors
    • Memorandum of Associatio
    • Articles of Association
  • If Cooperative or Public Company:
    • Certificate of Registration of Company from Co-operative Department/Company Registra
    • Resolution of Board of Directors about the appointment of Executive Directors and for the permission of this trade
    • In case of Cooperative society – Copy of Bye Laws/Certificate of Registration and Resolution
6 Premises Details
  • Document related to the place or property
    • Documents of Ownership:
      • 7/12 of the property
      • Property card from local self-government bodies wherever relevant
    • On Lease Agreement
      • 7/12 of the property
      • Property card from local self-government bodies wherever relevant
      • NOC of the owner for serving liquor in his/her property
      • Registered copy of lease agreement/rent agreement
7 Plan of the proposed premises showing following details
  • Detailed plan of proposed license premises
  • Location/Site plan
  • Boundaries (North, South, East, West) of proposed premises
  • Schedule of the area
  • License type and trade name under which the applicant wishes to operate his busines
  • Detailed address of propose license premise
  • North Direction

1.2. Fees

Not Applicable

1.3. Process Description for one day function License

  1. Applicant submits an online application for premises registration along with the checklist documents.
  2. Superintendent of the State Excise sends the application to Inspector of state excise of that location.
  3. After physical verification of the location, Inspectors submits its report and additional comments in the system.
  4. Based on the suggestions of Inspector, State Excise, the Superintendent approves or rejects the application.
  5. The applicants get the notification for approval or rejection of the premises.
  6. If the premises are approved, then the applicant can apply for F.L.IV-A license.